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This painting represents the difficulties in all relationships, no matter the extent of the love that exists.

This tree appears to be morphing into a voluptuous woman that coexists with the tree form.

The cream-colored tree “face” seems to be observing the rhythmic moves of the dark black “dancer.”

Mary Hrbacek -  Tree WomanWoman Mary Hrbacek - Tree Woman Mary Hrbacek - Fierce Affection

Fierce Affection
acrylic on linen
40 x 40" 2014


Tree Woman
acrylic on canvas
36 x 48" 2017


Dark Dancer
acrylic on linen
40 x 40"





“Hail the Inhabited” is a mysterious image from Pisa, Italy which is reminiscent of a Roman general
saluting his legions.

“Facing Front IV” expresses an unabashed firm approach to standing one’s ground in the face of all challenges and upsets.

This painting displays an “upside-down” view of Life’s more incomprehensible situations.

Mary Hrbacek -  Hail The Inhabited Mary Hrbacek - Facing Front IV Mary Hrbacek - Topsy turvy

Hail The Inhabited
acrylic on linen
18 x 24" 2013


Facing Front IV
acrylic on linen
24 x 28" 2016


Topsy Turvy
acrylic on linen
22 x 30"



The androgynous central figure has breasts that double as eyes, but it also has a masculine aspect

This image relates to an emotionally charged conflict between a man and a woman. The exposed skeleton-like roots and boney tree trunk create the impression of a primitive animal.
Mary Hrbacek - Close Call II Mary Hrbacek - Imploring Mary Hrbacek - Silver Verona

Close Call II
acrylic on linen
8 x 10" 2012


acrylic on linen
8 x 10" 2012


Silver Verona
acrylic on linen
8 x 10" 2016